Connections – Berlin, Germany

Connections is located in the heart of Berlin in a neighborhood that is very multi-cultural.  We have encountered more than 120 nations as people travel through Berlin as well as the immigrants who have made Germany home. 

We offer Christian books, resources, seminars, language learning and artistic events dealing with issues that make up life and the pursuit of God. We believe the truth of the Bible is the only hope for a city darkened by decades of war, unrest, hatred, suffering, and fear.

Our books in both German and English deal with faith, biographies, friendship, marriage, family, child-rearing, biblical studies, church history, leadership, and family-friendly novels. Children are very welcome in our ‘Kinder Castle’ with a variety of children’s books waiting to be discovered.

Berliners LOVE Books and LOVE Coffee – so our Library is the perfect environment to engage the culture.

Crossroads Center – Prague, Czech Republic

The purpose and ministry of the Crossroads Center located in the capital city of the Czech Republic is to provide a place — a “third space” including a lending library, where anyone (believers, seekers and observers) can come and access information and resources related to Christianity and the Bible. The library contains resources designed to encourage and enable users to investigate the validity of the Christian faith, to gain a greater understanding of biblical truth, and to develop and grow in their spiritual journey and personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Many people ask “Why establish a Christian library?” In a society where reading and education are so highly valued (the Czech Republic has a 99% literacy rate) the vision is one which is not only culturally relevant but also meets a real and practical need for Christian materials all the while providing tremendous opportunities for building relationships and sharing Christ. Many people will come to a library that might never enter the doors of a church building.

Approximately 60% of our current clientele are Czech and about 40% are from the international community. The library continues to be a venue for bringing together people for dialogue and discussion with individuals from different church backgrounds. We operate in governance independently from any particular religious or educational institution, but at the same time cooperate in partnership with and support of the local church.

Nour Library

It is an honor to partner with the Arab-American Learning Center to operate the Nour Library on their campus in Sacramento, CA. “Nour” is Arabic for “light” or “Divine light”. It is our desire to share the “light of the world” – Jesus Christ – with the large Arab and Afghan communities of the Sacramento region by creating a welcoming environment where they can access reading materials in English and their native languages in a non-threatening environment.

Library 4

Library 4 is located in a secure region of the world. 

Through books and educational opportunities, this one of a kind community center reaches out to hundreds of families each month. 

By offering books and conversation, Library 4 is able to make a great impact on their community and show the Light of Christ each day.