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A cup of coffee. Friendly, caring staff. A place where people of all ages can read, listen to CDs, relax, socialize, and investigate Christianity at their own pace, free from judgment or pressure. Currently there are three Open Door Libraries in Europe; Berlin, Prague and Budapest. In these cities, there are few evangelical churches and Christian resources are scarce. Our libraries fill this void by providing resources that would otherwise be unavailable, presenting Jesus Christ in intellectually stimulating and culturally appropriate ways for seekers and believers alike. Libraries double as centers for equipping pastors and Christian leaders. Our resource specialists train local leaders and nationals in such essential disciplines as Biblical studies, apologetics, Christian counseling, and finance, as well as principles for Christian living, including marriage, parenting and healthy relationships.

Meetings of all kinds are held at our libraries. Groups of believers meet for fellowship, Bible study and prayer. Mothers and children gather to hear Christian-themed stories and enjoy puppet shows. Stories and books enrich childhood, and stories of Jesus are becoming a part of the lives of children who come to the Open Door Libraries. Concerts, art shows and seminars attract the local community, introducing more and more people to Jesus Christ.

Currently we have three Open Door Libraries in Europe

8000+ resources
160+ clients

Prague, Czech Republic

Jim and Laurie Barnes

Library Directors
Prague Christian Library

Jim Barnes - BA History, Milligan College; MA Modern European History, University of Illinois; Phd studies, University of Toledo; TESOL Certification, University of California, Santa Cruz. Teaching resources: Church History, Theological English.

Laurie Barnes - BS Forest Management, West Virginia University; BA Bible and Theology with a focus in Counseling and Interpersonal Studies, San Jose Christian College; Master of Library Science (MLS), Southern Connecticut State University.
Website: Barnes Family in Prague

Prague Christian Library was dedicated on November 20, 1999 which coincided with the 10th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution -- the event that brought the fall of communism in the Czech Republic. This was the first library opened by ICR/Open Door Libraries. It started as a vision for a Christian library in November 1990 by Willard Black. In 1994 there were exploratory visits to Prague by Willard and Jim and Laurie Barnes. In 1997 Jim and Laurie moved to Prague found a site, and started the legal process to organize and operate there. Formal paper work was filed in 1998, getting government approval in February 1999.

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6000+ resources
510+ clients

Berlin, Germany

Larry and Teri Lewis

Larry Lewis - director,
Berlin Library - Connections

Larry Lewis - BTh from Ozark Christian College, studying for MDiv in Theology at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Larry has served in various domestic mininstries for 20 years.

Teri Lewis - BA Florida Christian College, retired Kindergarten teacher.
Larry and Teri moved to Berlin during the summer of 2011.

Budapest, Hungary

Merrill and Carol Davis
Directors Budapest Christian Library
and International Library Consultants

Carol Davis is a graduate of St. Luke's School of Nursing, Cedar Rapids, IA. She is a retired RN, with 20 years of experience working with new mothers and babies.
Merrill Davis has a BA in political science and MAT from the University of Iowa and is a retired Federal employee.
They have served their local church extensively in teaching both children and adults as well as leadership positions.

The Budapest Christian Library was opened in 2004 with the purpose of bringing Christian based books and resources to Hungary. The primary collection was English because English as a second language is very important in Hungary. In the past 12 years, there has been a variety of programs including children's story hour, movie nights, women's programs as well as Christian business ethics. The library has also been the host of Bible studies and small congregations for their weekly meetings. In the fall of 2016, the library book collection has been placed in storage while seeking a new director and a new location. In the spring of 2017, the current directors of the library will begin a search for a new location.

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Kevin Pischke

Library Director

Kevin Pischke - Director: University Librarian and Director of the Learning Commons



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