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Our Staff

Willard Black, Founder

Willard Black


BA in Biblical Studies from Ozark Christian College
BA in Latin American Studies from University of Denver
MA in International Relations from San Francisco State University

Glen Gibson, New Executive Director

Glen Gibson

New Executive Director as of October 2017

Recently the Chief Ministry Officer of New Mission Systems International
Masters in Missions from Hope International University
Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary
Seventeen years as a missionary in the Philippines
VP of Training at Team Expansion
Chair of the Intercultural Studies Program at William Jessup University

John and Eileen Richardson, Directors Short Term Ministries

John and Eileen Richardson

Directors Short Term Ministries

John - Church Global Missions Associate Trained and has led mission trips since 1969
Eileen - BA English, Cal State Northridge, CA Teaching Credential, Speaker at women's events/retreats.

Focus is on planning and leading short term missions teams to help and work at our libraries.

James Bacus, Director NE Development

James Bacus

Director ME Development

BA in Biblical Literature, Ozark Christian College

Focusing on new regional development opportunies
Also Campus Minister, Campus Christians at Pittsburg State University

Steve and Debbie Thomas

Steve and Debbie Thomas

International Resource Directors
European Libraries

Both Steve and Debbie have BA's from Midwest Christian College. Steve has his MHR from the University of Oklahoma. Both have 41 years of ministry experience. They focus on the Pastoral Care and Nurture of European Library Staff, presenting lectures and representing ODL state-side.


Willard Black founded Institute for Christian Resources in 1975. Willard's desire was to provide practical resources to help people apply scripture to their lives and relationships, with a focus on marriage and parenting.

Willard realized the "how to" resources ICR was developing for the American church were desperately needed by church leaders in other part of the world. Willard began the work of building the network and infrastructure to facilitate the distribution of Christian resources in Eastern Europe. These relationship-building efforts lead to our first library being opened in Prague in 1999 and continues to be the foundation of our ministry.

In 2011 ICR changed its name to Open Door Libraries to more accurately reflect the mission of the ministry. Today we have three thriving libraries in Berlin, Prague and Budapest.

National leaders are taking note of the positive influence our libraries bring to communities and have requested libraries in their countries as well. We are excited to see what God has planned for more libraries in additional cities in Europe and beyond.

Open Door Libraries is funded entirely by the generous donations of our supporters. With donations we purchase books, resources, and conduct the activities required to keep our libraries open and to pave the way for establishing new libraries in additional countries.

Each library is staffed by directors who are responsible for raising their own support.

We sincerely appreciate your donations.

Open Door Libraries is headquartered in San Jose, California. Please feel free to contact us at (408) 226-1986.


  • We believe in the one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit as revealed in the Holy Bible and made known in Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • We believe that Jesus of Nazareth is Lord of all life as set forth in scripture; that the divine Son became human, was born of a virgin, ministered in word and miracles, died for our sin, was raised bodily from the dead, ascended to God's right hand and is coming again for his people.

  • We believe that the Holy Spirit is presently ministering through the Christian community, empowering lives of godliness and service.

  • We believe that the Holy Bible is completely God breathed, true in all its teaching, and the final authority for all matters of faith and practice.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ established his church on earth to carry out his saving mission among all nations and formed her to be one holy people.

  • We believe that salvation is in Christ alone.


Open Door Libraries is supervised by a self-perpetuating policy board which meets bi-annually. These individuals serve as guardians for the integrity of the mission as well as the fiscal accountability on behalf of donors.

Lawrence Buren   Chairman: retired, Auburn, CA
Willard Black Founder: ICR / Open Door Libraries, Rocklin, CA
Glen Gibson Executive Director ODL, Raleigh, NC
Phyllis Lanyon Director / Board Treasurer: ODL Executive Director - Emeritus, San Jose, CA
Georgann Bennett Vice Chairman: retired Educator, Sacramento, CA
David Lindert Director / Board Secretary: Retired - Engineer, Manager, San Jose, CA
Merilyn Copland Director: Professor - Emeritus, WILLIAM JESSUP UNIVERSITY, Rocklin, CA
Dan Scruggs Director: CPA, Reno, NV
Kevin Pischke Director: University Librarian and Director of the Learning Commons



P.O.Box 7494
San Jose, CA 95150


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